Sacha Allistone MBACP



 During our lives, we will frequently encounter challenges. It may be difficult to reach out, and some may feel this shows weakness. My belief however is that in reaching out we show strength - it takes courage to be vulnerable, open up and acknowledge we need help to navigate a painful transition in our life.

I am primarily a counsellor and have been seeing clients one to one for a number of years. I enjoy this work tremendously and find it very rewarding.

I have recently become aware that there is a need for people to have practical  as well as psychological and emotional support help when facing certain major life challenges such as divorce, bereavement, moving house and decluttering. I offer this service in addition or separate to my counselling work. In this role I come and help in people’s homes, for example helping to sort through the belongings of a loved one which brings up some painful feelings. I also provide practical strategies to help with day to day organisation when these tasks seems overwhelming.