Difficult life changes
Can't cope
Moving home
London and Lewes

Help with major life changes

In addition to counselling I offer practical home help with:


Following the loss of a loved one, you may need to sort through their belongings and take charge of some of their business. This can feel overwhelming while you are still dealing with grief, loss and painful feelings. I can support you on both a practical and emotional level to deal with what may seem insurmountable tasks. 


Separation and divorce are usually traumatic and may involve moving home, reorganising one's finances, work and childcare arrangements and a host of other practical challenges. This is likely to leave you feeling overwhelmed. I can help you find coping strategies, prioritising tasks and getting organised while supporting you  emotionally. 

Moving house

Moving or clearing a house, especially  after a divorce or bereavement, is a stressful task which may bring up feelings of resentment, grief and anxiety. It can be a good opportunity to take control over a build-up of stuff and clear stagnant energy, creating new peace and freshness which will bring clarity and balance into other areas of your life. I will assist you in identifying what you need to keep and let go of. 

My fees in Lewes and London:

Hourly rate: £50

Half day: £100 (9am to 12pm)

Full day: £200  (9am to 5pm)